Energy Partner offers strong expertise in drawing up cross-departmental energy economical analyses, building compelling business cases, as well as selection und interpretation of KPIs. 

Based upon deep experience in the short-term market, energy partner is your ideal sparing partner for challenging market assumptions like earnings from spot, intraday and ancillary services. 

Currently decentral production, especially with PV systems complemented with battery storage at the prosumer and distribution grid level, is increasing rapidly. Energy partner analyses the impact on grid load, allowing you to optimize your system planning.


The results of the analyses will be presented and potential impacts on the company will be showed and evaluated. 

Strategic options tailored to your company as well as a transparent decision-making basis (evaluation) will be prepared. The presentation and discussion with decision makers will be actively supported.


Energy Partner supports you as project manager or with expert-level knowledge.

We develop advanced procurement strategies for gas and power.

The offering also entails trainings for your teams. This could be as part of a consulting project to implement / inform about identified change needs. Also  on the job training, e.g. about innovations in business models and processes.

Temporary coaching for executives and interim management complement the range of services offered by Energy Partner.





Power Plants
Your procurement portfolio might consist of own power plants, power purchase agreements or customer owned plants of all technologies. Detailed understanding of the risks and opportunities these asset classes offer is crucial for the effective optimization. Energy Partner

The decision which steps of the value chain should be insourced is a critical decision for every company. Depending on the requirements - e.g. selling own production or trading imbalances - and size different business models from full fledged trading to using service provider exist. Energy Partner can help you with creating transparency of advantages, disadvantages, and costs associated with the different models. 


Power grids have regulated returns, which are subject to constant policy changes. It is essential to select the right KPIs and build solid scenarios for developments in the production and consumption environment. This will allow you to steer investment decisions to be compatible with future regulation developments. Energy Partner provides longterm price data by external partners.

Changing regulations also affect the gas market. New market requirements for gas transport and balancing are evolving. Energy Partners evaluates the potential impact on your company and provides you with actionable recommendations.  


Client needs are driven by economic and ecologic considerations. Big customers are increasingly demanding new structured products with short term flexibility. How can you adapt your processes to offer structured procurement to your customers while controlling and managing your own risks?

Retail customers are increasingly interested in the origin of their electricity. Own use (for house owners and rental apartments) become more popular and change the roles of producers and clients. With the market liberalization new competitors enter the industry with innovative business models.





Direct marketing of renewable energies, smaller tranches for ancillary services, and changes in the power declaration of origin are some examples for the recent changes affecting power suppliers. In the gas market, the transmission grid and scheduling will be centralized and the market model becomes more professional. This leads to eroding margins of the traditional business models.

Energy Partners is following current trends in regulations and evaluates the effects on your business model.


The current energy system is changing. A large number of small decentralized producers replace large, central power plants. This trend requires a paradigm change for operating power plants as well as grids.

Energy Partner analyses opportunities and risks for your company and provides you with actionable ideas and strategic options for improving your position in the market.


Clients are increasingly producing their own energy through e.g. PV or combined heat and power. Surplus power is being sold to neighbors or local power suppliers. The share of Prosumers is increasing, enabling new business models which require tools and processes to account for the variability and unpredictability of demand.

We support you in integrating Prosumers into your procurement and sales portfolio.




Frank Pleuler - MANAGING DIRECTOR ENPA LLC +41 44 461 77 00

He gained experience in grids, trading and corporate management in the German and Swiss Energy Economics. Energy Partner has a large expert network within gas and power industry with strong expertise across the entire value chain.

Certificate of Advanced Studies Data Analysis [ZHAW]

Certificate of Advanced Studies Essentials of Management [University of St. Gallen]

Electrical Engineer [Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University]

Apprenticeship as electrician [Netze BW]

Selected PROJEcT EXperience

Profitability small hydro Power Plant - valuation by longterm prices / Tender PPA Power-/GoO [Investor]

Review procurement power - analysis procurement strategy, service providers incl. costs [utility]

Procurement natural gas - analysis procurement & service providers / evaluation new service providers & managing tender [utility]

Increasing battery storage systems installation - impact analysis on system load  - optimization power system planning [distribution system operator]

Setup balancing group analysis - optimal forecast obligation breach [transmission system operator]

Development & setup of structured energy procurement for wholesale customers [energy services provider]

Setup of an energy economical reporting for the asset-portfolio [utility]

Analysis & valuation of full supply contract offers [wholesale customer]

Selection & implementation of an nomination tool [energy trading]


EnPa LLC is an associated member with VSE.